Soundtrack - Star Wars -A New Hope by John Willaims (Remastered)

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"Star Wars: A New Hope" is a classic American epic space opera film released in 1977, written and directed by George Lucas. The film follows the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo as they battle the evil Galactic Empire. One of the most iconic aspects of the film is its original soundtrack, composed by John Williams.

The "Star Wars: A New Hope" soundtrack features some of the most memorable and recognizable music in film history. The main theme, also known as the "Star Wars" theme, is a powerful orchestral piece that has become synonymous with the franchise. The soundtrack also includes other memorable pieces, such as the "Imperial March," a foreboding piece that represents the Empire and its villainous leader, Darth Vader.

The "Star Wars" franchise has become a cultural phenomenon, spanning multiple films, TV series, books, and merchandise. The original film, now known as "Episode IV: A New Hope," is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential films in cinematic history, and its impact on popular culture is still felt today. The film and its soundtrack have inspired countless fans and creators, and continue to be celebrated as iconic works of art. Composed by John Williams

In the year of its release, the soundtrack won some of the most prestigious awards in the movie business including the Academy Award® for best original score and the BAFTA Best Film Music (1978).

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

1. Main Title - Various Performers
2. Imperial Attack - Various Performers
3. Princess Leia's Theme - Various Performers
4. The Desert and the Robot Auction - Various Performers
5. Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack - Various Performers
6. The Little People Work - Various Performers
7. Rescue of the Princess - Various Performers
8. Inner City - Various Performers
9. Cantina Band - Various Performers

Disc 2:

1. The Land of the Sand People - Various Performers
2. Mouse Robot and Blasting Off - Various Performers
3. The Return Home - Various Performers
4. The Walls Converge - Various Performers
5. The Princess Appears - Various Performers
6. The Last Battle - Various Performers
7. The Throne Room and End Title - Various Performers

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