About Us

After more than 30 years as an audiophile and now pursuing this hobby to a full time business (family owned company established in 2011), we specialise in obtaining audiophile recordings by sourcing it throughout the world. We specialise in Jazz as this is the genre that I cannot get tired of and also may have the most audiophile recordings available. Apart from jazz, we also source any music which we think have been recorded with sonic superiority be it vinyl record or CD. I believe that if a piece of recording that is able to transport me to the actual performance space, or the performers entering my listening room, it qualifies as being a reference recording.

I am a lover of music and have been one since I was 7 years old. I first heard a vinyl record being played at my grandfather’s house. I told myself that one day I want to own one of this wonderful machine. As my parents were not very well off it was not until I was sixteen when I had my first complete hi-fi. I was eventually given a Thorens TD160 when I was 16 by my father and have never stopped since. Being a novice audiophile I made countless mistakes. Listening to friends who had no idea what the hell they were talking about was my greatest mistake. I was a sucker for any advice that could improve on my system.

I migrated to Australia in 1986 but did not take my Thorens with me (mistake). I settled for a Rega Planer 3 in Australia but I brought my beloved Sansui AU 712 intergrated amplifier with phono stage (which I still have and have since passed that to my 21 year old son when he was 18 together with my JBL T60L and a new DJ type turntable) with me. My audiophile disease spread further and are still with me. I don’t see it getting out of my body anytime soon. I will always be thinking that “I need this ....to improve on that” or any excuse to go to my local audio shop. My love for music had never changed. I have music throughout my surroundings. I can’t imagine where the world would be without music.

However, it is always about the music and it always comes first. As audiophiles, we usually spent quite a bit of dollars on our equipment. Normally when asked, the answer would be "not quite sure". To make these equipment shine and bring the music into that space, we need reference quality music. The hardware is just a messenger we use to interpret the music.  

Then comes the question about audiophile reference recordings. Why do we need this and why are they not the same as a normal mass produced form of recordings? Well the simple answer is “normally” an audiophile recording from a respectable recording label usually spend more time and attention towards sound quality. In the studio or recording venue, the engineers will work with the musicians who will provide the sound. They will try to capture the musician's interpretation of the music by properly placing microphones and capturing the music including its surrounding. The end result is a recording which on a good set of hardware will produce the music and ambience as it was intented and us audiophile is trying desperately seeking.

In the past, during our get together and listening sessions with fellow passionate music lovers, we usually ask ourselves why is there not a shop in Melbourne or Australia for that matter specialising in audiophile recordings? We always have to order or buy our software from overseas. Sure, we have a few shops selling vinyls here and there throughout the country  but they don't specialise in reference quality music. Yes, they might have a few good quality vinyls lying around in front of the shop but 90% of the shop would normally be stocked with mass produced new and secondhand vinyls and CDs that audiophiles usually stay away from.

However there may be a few titles which we do hold in stock mainly due to cutomer's demand. Some recordings are not stocked for their sound but for their popularity or for their music. We have to understand that it is all about the music. Not all music are well recorded but most are very poorly manufactured and distributed. But we still buy them and enjoy listening to them knowing that that is as good as it gets. Some were very well recorded and very well produced and distributed. There are also a lot of differences between a limited pressing and a mass pressing. How do you tell? It might even be distributed by the same label but pressed at different pressing plant. Normally, a limited pressing would costs more as this is simply due to the economies of scale. We shall try our best to source these unique recordings and bring them to you. As we are here to stay and be in this business to provide our valued customers a service second to none, we normally do not compete prices with discount online stores but we shall always try our best to bring our prices to be as competitive as we can.

We will try to stock as many recordings as we could and if these are in stock, it would normally be shipped within 24 hours after receiving an order but if for titles that we do not hold stock, they would be sourced from other parts of the world. If it is available, these would usually be shipped 7-10 days after receiving an order. Our guarantee is that we will try our very best to source it for you and bring it to you with our greatest care and in it's original condition. Our aim is to be the best audiophile music store in Australia!

Now let us enjoy the music!

Charles Lee